D.E.E.P means

Daily Devotions

Nothing causes personal spiritual growth like developing the discipline of reading God’s word daily and listening to his leading and direction for the day. So we work hard at helping our members learn how to listen to God for themselves on a daily basis.


Spending time with others who love the Lord, studying his Word, praying for each other and growing together is one other sure way to grow rapidly in our walk with God. Our desire is that each member of our church be in small, home fellowship bible study, which we call an eGroup (E stand for Ecclesia which is the Greek word used in the bible for “church”)


God has given each Christian a special mix of gifting to uniquely bless his people with. The Bible calls these “Spiritual Gift” You have one, and when you use yours, God specially empowers you to bring about results that will blow you away, results that also grows you as you among his people in his own unique way.


The pulpit symbolizes Sunday gathering for us is the place of celebration, worship, gratitude to God, teaching from his word, friendships and joy. Sunday service is a weekly event to look forward to.. and boy does the Chapel pulpit grow you!